Poison Ivy Dress Progress

Last week I was having a few issues attaching the sleeves, I got myself a bit confused about which bit attached to the bodice front and which bit attached to the back. I found the instructions here a bit confusing too so I decided not to slip stitch the lining but machine sew both fabric and lining and finish the seam with an over locker. The style of this dress has off the shoulder straps but these were ill fitting and too revealing so I followed Gertie’s instructions on her blog to make the straps sit more on the shoulder. I was still concerned about the sleeves so called for a fitting, they needed altering again. I didn’t take into consideration the seams when making the alteration and I’m now left with messiness. I will try and neaten it up and over lock the seams. Next time I will do this differently, I will press the joining seam open and the over lock before sewing the sleeve in place. It also goes to show that cutting corners does not always pay off; I should have checked the sleeve alteration in a muslin made to fit my model.


Well the dress is coming together now. I made the drapes for the skirt and then basted them to the skirt front. I then attached the bodice to skirt, my machine struggled a bit going over the layers of fabric where the drapes sit on top of the skirt pleats but thankfully my needle did not break. If you plan on making this dress make sure the boning in the bodice is push down the boning channel and hasn’t started to slip out at the end your sewing as you will break your needle. If you’re worried you could probably use a zipper foot. Every seam and dart matches nicely except for one dart at the back, I’m not sure what went wrong here but it is going to have to do. I am planning on making this dress again so it will be interesting to see if this happens again I’m not sure if it has something to do with which way I pressed the dart.





The thing I hate sewing more than sleeves is zips so I’m going to hang on until I have one last fitting before I hem it and put the zip in.

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