Welcome to The Cuckoo Emporium

Me and the original Harley Quinn Rockabilly Costume
Me and the original Harley Quinn Rockabilly Costume

O.K. So it all started with a cosplayer, an amazing idea and one vintage pattern.

Before…I wanted to sew everything, make everything, just do everything! Soo many ideas. My head was everywhere, and my creativeness just felt, well frantic.

This little creation grounded me and through it I found the best of all my worlds. I discovered cosplay and comic cons, and combined my love of vintage fashion and sewing patterns.

The Harley Quinn Rockabilly dress got so much love, I just couldn’t believe it.

As soon as I had finished making the Harley dress, I was designing a whole bunch more for super heroes, Disney princess’s and even the villains. It’s all turned into a passion, well more of an obsession to be honest!

Sketching a new design
Sketching a new design

I’m starting this is blog  again, wait what? Again? Yep again. Ahh bit of a back story…I started the original blog just after I had finished my BTEC Diploma in Theatre Costume Production as a kind of sewing diary. After the Harley dress, I decided I wanted to make a proper go at starting The Cuckoo Emporium up as a business and then, DUN DUN DUNNNNN! Disaster. My dad, the best man in the whole entire universe got really quite ill. Not to worry though, he’s all fixed now. And so I’m back!

I’m back sewing and getting my first ever collection ready. I hope to make my big dream into reality!

Creating samples
Creating samples

Please share your feedback and comment; I would love to hear what you think about my costume projects, even if your comments are negative. I also have a fully dedicated page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheCuckooEmporium and I’m on Instagram. Just search, LITTLECUCKOO…oh oh and if you would like to get in touch privately, then you can always email me at thecuckooemporium@hotmail.com.

I have been known to take on commissions so if you see anything you like on the blog that you just have to have for yourself, or you would like to collaborate on a project please get in touch.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to The Cuckoo Emporium

  1. Congrats on “being back”! I admire your motivation to keep your dream alive- which is a pretty awesome dream! I love your style and look forward to seeing all your creations!

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