Jessica Rabbit Costume: In the Making and the Big Reveal

I had been invited to an 80’s themed birthday party, how awesome is that! The only problem was, I couldn’t settle on a costume idea. I knew I wanted to make my own (for a costume design student it would be sacrilege if I didn’t!) but there were so many great options to choose from. After days of boring my boyfriend almost to death talking about nothing but shoulder pads and neon leg warmers, I finally settled on Jessica Rabbit. I’ve always loved that raspberry pink sparkly dress and she just oozes sexiness and glamour. I don’t usually go for the vava voom look but hey, I’ve got it so I thought I may as well flaunt it!

It took me three weeks to construct the dress which included building a corset (which was built inside the dress), draping the dress on my tailors dummy and fitting and altering the pattern until it was perfect. I also took the time to source accessories and a wig that would look as authentic as possible, but allow me to stick to my relatively low budget. I managed to stash bust and use a lot of supplies I already had from past projects. The only materials I had to buy were the lining, sequin fabric, zip and thread. The most money I spent was on the accessories, which weren’t cheap but hey, I don’t believe in doing things by halves.

When I first started the dress my friend, my source of inspiration and my all round partner in crime came to me with that look on her face that shows she’s up to no good, or planning some crazy scheme. This lady is the owner of Level Up, a retro video game and vintage comic book shop in Liverpool. Her face is on TV, appearing as a panellist on Bay TV’s Heroes for Sale series. On the show she gets to do loads of cool stuff, such as interviewing some amazing comic book artists. They also have their own YouTube channel, so go check them out! And speaking of YouTube, Lucy has her own personal channel, Torathena, where she uploads cosplay videos, extra footage from filming Heroes for Sale and loads more. She also appears on the Pixels and Pages channel, giving awesome weekly comic book reviews. And the cherry on top, she is an amazing cosplayer!

So yeah, the crazy scheme Lucy was concocting was to film the making of the Jessica Rabbit costume and put it on her YouTube channel! Once I got over the initial terror and nervous excitement that made me want to pee, I agreed, and the filming began!

And here are the videos!

Being filmed was horrifying but I think I got more comfortable with each video. Plus, the wine and beer helped.

I would like to give a special thank you to my other amazingly talented friend Louise, who did my makeup for the ‘unveiling’ video. We didn’t get to do the makeup as planned on the day of the party as I was running late as usual so we ended up being in a mad rush. So thank you Lou for putting up with me moving and talking every five seconds, and making me look amazing in under an hour.

I would really love to do a makeup tutorial for this look, so please comment below if you would be interested in seeing this.

And another massive thank you to Lucy, who basically made it all happen, filmed, edited and took some beautiful photographs of my costume, which will be on the blog soon.

Please leave us some feedback if you wish. We would love to hear from you! Tell us what you do, or don’t like about the videos, what you would like to see more of or even suggest what we could make next!


2 thoughts on “Jessica Rabbit Costume: In the Making and the Big Reveal

  1. Hi there! I just left this comment on the YouTube video, but when I spotted that you had a blog I figured that this might be the best place to ask you loads of questions!

    I’m hoping to make a Jessica Rabbit dress for my comic themed birthday party, and I wondered if you could offer some advice?

    I’ve got a pattern to make a corset (God knows how that will go as it’s my first time!) and I want to wear the corset underneath the dress, which I’m also going to make. I’ve got no experience with draping (and sadly don’t have a dress form… boohoo) so I was wondering if it would work if I made a duplicate ‘corset’ from some red fabric to go over the top of my actual corset, using the same pattern, and maybe add another panel to the back to cover the lacing in the corset underneath?

    Could I then sew the top ‘corset’ to the underwear corset at the ‘neckline’, and add a zip into the dress at the back? Or should I leave the corset top and skirt separate?

    So many questions! Sorry!

    Thanks for this video, it’s really helpful!


    1. Hi Nicolette, I hope you received my reply on the YouTube comments hopefully it helped you. I treated the dress and corset as one by sewing them both together at the neckline (right side of dress fabric against wrong side of corset, I also sandwiched in a neckline interfacing) and then top stitched but this was bulky and I don’t think I would do this method again. I’m thinking next time I will try just lining both necklines up (corset on the inside of the dress) tacking in place and then using bias binding to finish. I am certainly not an expert and I learn as I go so maybe there are better ways to do this? Try to get your corset to meet at the back when fully laced this way you shouldn’t have to add an extra panel to the dress just add a seam allowance for your zip. (my corset laced up and then the dress part had a zip). Have fun making! just give me a shout if you want to ask anything else, I will try to help as best I can and have a great birthday! x

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