Jessica Rabbit Photo Shoot

Finally i’m getting around to sharing the photographs from my very first photo shoot.

Lets bare in mind that it was a very rushed shoot because naughty me was running late and I only had 2 hours to get my makeup, photo’s and some filming done for the video before I had to rush of to the party. It was also Lucy’s first time really doing the camera work for a photo shoot and editing the images. She did an amazing job!

Jessica Rabbit Cosplay 1

I’m not great in front of the camera lets be fair, I think I need some practice!

We are planning to do another photo shoot soon which we will really take our time with and hire in some props so we can get the look we really want.

Jessica Rabbit Cosplay 2

My amazing talented friend Louise did my fabulous makeup.

Jessica Rabbit Cosplay 3


So there it is, my Jessica Rabbit dress, I really hope you like it. Everyone loved it at the 80’s themed birthday party although I didn’t win the fancy dress competition, I can’t be down heartened because my man won after his rendition of I want to break free dressed as Freddy Mercury, yes fish nets and all. I fulfilled a little life dream of mine creating this and I absolutely love it!

Jessica Rabbit Cosplay 4

I’ve learnt a lot making this dress and there are a few things I would do differently next time. But that’s what sewing is for me, one huge learning journey and it is for a lot of other people who sew or create.

I am so lucky and grateful to have wonderfully talented friends who so generously gave up their time to help me create my  vision, thank you!


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