New YouTube Video! Join Torathena and I as we make a vintage burlesque inspired Zatanna costume

In case you haven’t heard I am back on Torathena’s you tube channel, yes my face is back terrorising the internet!

After my top 5 pin up’s post a couple of weeks back I was inspired to create a costume for the next YouTube video. I love combining vintage and super heroes, so that’s what I’m going to showcase.

Torathena and I all set up and about to start designing the Zatanna costume
Torathena and I all set up and about to start designing the Zatanna costume

I’ve chosen to create a Zatanna costume which will hopefully have this glamorous vintage burlesque show girl twist and I am super excited to be sharing my sewing experience with you again. We filmed the first episode of the new ‘Makin’ Stuff’ series last Thursday; I’ve added the video at the bottom of this post.

When we filmed the making of the Jessica Rabbit costume; I had already started the construction and I found although I had never made that costume before and it was very much a learning experience, I was a bit afraid of showing that side. Especially as the costume was being made for myself, things like fitting the darn thing was a struggle and to be perfectly honest I do tend to be a bit more slap dash when it comes to making stuff for myself than if I’m making for others.

So what I really want to show in this next series of videos is basically my design process from beginning to end, from the first sketches of an idea to the finished product, including my mistakes, tantrums, pricked fingers and most importantly… triumphs.

With each costume I create I learn a new skill or technique or perfect the ones I first learnt at college. I was so chuffed with myself making the corset for the Jessica rabbit costume I had to text Torathena just to tell her that I am now the queen of top stitching. I learnt a new and better way of making corsets all together that took me a couple of hours just to make sense of at first and I tackled a tricky fabric.

The design of the costume I plan to make inspired by Zatanna will include a tail coat, heavily embellished corset and a collar and bow tie. I’ve made a tail coat and bow tie before so I’m feeling confident about them. I’ve made a corset before yes, but I’ve never embellished one, so I have some researching to do. I also plan to rhinestone the hell out of this which is something I’ve wanted to have a go at for a while so I’m excited that I will be learning some new skills.

I will also be making this for Torathena, she never really got a choice in the matter. I just enjoy making for other people more than myself and its’ sooo much easier to fit.

Just to add I feel I should mention the time scale of this project. This is a side project for me; my main priority is still my collection of themed rockabilly dresses. Torathena and I only have one night a week in our busy schedules to meet up and film; like in the last videos I will probably do the bulk work in between actual filming. Also I intend on hand sewing all that embellishment and hot fixing crystals all over the corset and that is going to take for ever. And I have a full time job, take care of a 6ft3 man child and try to hit the gym as much as pos, I can’t eat as much chocolate as I could when I was 20. And you know what I’m not a fast worker.

My point is, I will try to film a new episode of Makin’ Stuff: Zatanna but it might not always be possible. I’ve not given myself a deadline, I’m not sewing this for any big event, really I’m doing this for me as a learning project and to add to my portfolio.

So I hope you stay with Torathena and I through this journey, I’m really excited about this project, I’m actually already having sewing dreams about it! If you’re enjoying the blog and Torathena’s YouTube videos please like them or leave a comment, it really does make my day! No honestly I get all emotionally happy overwhelmed that somebody out there somewhere likes what I’ve worked so hard at to create.

You can also check out what Torathena is up to here


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