Why so silent?

After my little mission statement in my last post; my plan to get sewing the Zatanna costume as soon as possible, film a new YouTube video every week and keep the blog as regularly updated as I am able, well it all had to fall to pieces didn’t it.
I’m sorry there have been no new Youtube Videos with Torathena or new blog posts. If you follow me on Instagram you will Know why I’ve been quiet. A little over two weeks ago I ended up in hospital with severe stomach pain, a couple of hours after being admitted I was in surgery having my appendix out. Thankfully the surgery went well and they let me go home the very next day but I’ve been recovering for the last couple of weeks and I’m still not 100% just yet.
However, whilst resting I have managed to do a little work on the final hard copy of the Sweetheart Rockabilly pattern and ordered a few bits and bobs, some sewing essentials and some sparkly bits for the Zatanna costume.
I can not wait to get back sewing and hopefully next week our schedules will allow Torathena and I to finally get together and start making!
I would also just like to say a huge thank you to all those who wished me well and sent me their love especially my Instagram followers, it was truly very kind of you.
Finally I just thought I would share a blog post with you from Colette, a blog I have been following for some years now and have watched blossom into a very successful indie sewing pattern company. Not only does Colette sell fabulous paper and digital sewing patterns which I am obsessed with, but there are loads of great tutorials on their website too. Not only is their site and online magazine Seamwork my go to source for inspiration for my personal sewing projects but they also post some really interesting articles.
The subtitle of this particular article is what really caught my eye “How is a sewing pattern like a comic book?” if you would like know too, follow the link and give it a read.



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