MCM Liverpool is only 60 days away!

The countdown has begun for MCM Liverpool! It’s only 60 days away! Its 2016, it’s time to stop celebrating and get to work.

Quick news run down of the last few months of 2015

October- I cosplayed as Jessica Rabbit for Level Up’s 5th Birthday, I also appear in Torarthena’s YoutTube video, watch it below.


October- I went to Wales’s comic con, my first ever con, with Lucy. Wonderful success, met lovely people and got utterly inspired, watch the video here.

If you have enjoyed these YouTube videos subscribe to my friend Lucy’s channel, Torathena, here

November – My friend’s wedding and sewing a beautiful wedding garter for her and only taking very poor rushed photos of it!

November –Got engaged which equals lots of celebrations

November- Bought all the fabric for my ongoing and upcoming projects which should do me until March 2016.


December- Zatanna corset toil fitting with Lucy. I’ve decided it’s a bit roomy and needs to come down by two whole sizes, which is funny because I had to do that when I made it for myself does the Freedom corset pattern run a bit big perhaps?

December- Perfected the Rockabilly sweetheart dress in a base size 12


December- Decided to make every ones Christmas presents and again only take very rushed and poor photos of them! And of course Christmas so more celebrations.


And now it’s 2016! I’m full of cold but I’m so full of sewing oomph and inspiration. My looming deadline is driving this force me thinks, 2 months might seem like a long time to some but for me it’s not. I know I’m not a fast worker, I have a full time office job so only have weeknights and weekends which isn’t much when it comes down to it.

So in the last week I have

  • Graded the rockabilly sweetheart dress pattern up to a size 14 (proud moment for me, I have never graded up or down a flat pattern before). My plan was to grade up to the size closest to my own (my long plan is to eventually have a paper copy of the pattern in sizes 8 to 18 with the idea it’s easier to grade a flat pattern to an individual’s measurements instead of draping on the stand for each one which takes time)
  • The size 14 I made just so happens to be my measurements so I quickly knocked up a toil of the bodice to check the fit and only had to do some minor adjustments which is expected and what a toil is for, so very pleased with myself here.




  • I am making myself a Harley Quinn inspired variation of the dress so it’s taking 3 different fabrics, black lining, black Taffeta and red Taffeta. Lots of washing and ironing. This is so important as I don’t want colours running if I wash it once made. (Things like drying fabric you just don’t realise how long it all takes if you don’t have a place to hang it to dry or nice weather to put it out on the line, I estimated three nights just to get it all dry!)
  • I have cut the pattern out in my fabric. It’s a job I hate because again it can take so much more time than you realise. My fabric cutting is staggered though because I can only dry one load of fabric per night.



  • I have sewn together the bodice lining, bodice, underskirt and skirt. But now have to wait until the boning tape arrives for me to carry on.


  • Ordered all notions for both my dress and the Poison Ivy variation I will make for Lucy. This includes zips, hem crinoline, boning tape and plastic boning. I like to use plastic boning for bodices; it does the job and is cheaper than spiral steel boning. I like to buy it in bulk from because I use it a lot with corsets, however if making a corset I do use a combination of plastic and steel spiral because you need the extra strength.
  • Drawn out the new down sized pattern for the Zatanna corset I am making to fit Lucy. I could sew another toil but I’m fairly confident the fit should be good. I just need to get some calico for the stabilizing layer and a nice lining fabric. Usually I just have another calico layer as lining but I’m trying something new and I want it to be pretty inside and out, not something I have mastered quite yet.


I know I’ve made a Harley Quinn variation of this dress before but this time it’s for me and the fit and cut should hopefully be perfect and its even going to get vamped up a little bit. I don’t want to give too much away I’m just so excited about debuting at MCM Liverpool in March, cosplaying as Harley Quinn for me is like paying homage to when I was first introduced to the amazing world that is cosplay by Lucy. I cannot wait to get started on Lucy’s Poison Ivy variation either, I think it’s really going to turn out to be something quite special.


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