MCM Comic Con Liverpool

Standing in front of the mirror in the hotel bathroom as Lucy finished transferring my last fake tattoo my eyes sparkled. A little bit overwhelmed by quite a sudden flush of emotion. I had done it, I had made my vision a reality.


It was my first time at a big con and my first time cosplaying, I thought my nerves would hit me hard but I was actually fine and pretty calm. In fact the whole day was pretty calm and relaxed. Over the course of the weekend I got  to meet some wonderful like minded creatives and witnessed some pretty amazing cosplays. As a newbee everyone was so nice and welcoming. Even though Lucy got really sick and had to spend the Sunday in bed, it was such a good weekend and I can’t thank her enough for introducing me to cosplay and sharing the weekend with me.

You can also see the costumes in the MOREathena YouTube Video below, please don’t forget to like and subscribe.

I came away from MCM riding on this weird high and I’m itching to get back in the sewing room and get working. I have a few little alterations to make to both costumes and then I will get a photo shoot organised and then, eek! I will be opening up my Etsy shop so you too can have your very own vintage comic book twist dress.

But that will have to wait a little longer, I’m taking the week off to sort out my house which has been neglected in the run up to MCM and to finally have a weekend away to celebrate the engagement and do some wedding planning!






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