Zelena- Research, Patterns and Fabric

So I’m making this Zelena cosplay to be worn at Harrisburg convention in June..eek only 21 days away.

This is how my cosplay process starts.

Costume Research i.e. lots of pictures.

I came across this in my research! It by Theirry Mugler 1997.. the designers inspiration perhaps.

Thierry Mugler corset 3


Design, Patterns and fabric

From looking at images of the costume I have decided to make a separate skirt, corset, bolero with fur collar and detachable cape (if I have time) to create the ensemble.

To save time I will use a tried and tested corset pattern and other commercial sewing pattern. The sewing patterns will suggest what type of fabrics suit the pattern but as long as I’m clever I shouldn’t be limited too much.


Pattern: Pin-up Girls Freedom Corset

freedom corset 2

Fabric: Satin backed dupion-Lined with the same and strengthened by a layer or calico. For the textured decoration and hip pads I will use velvet and a sewing technique to create texture. Other embellishments will include sew on gems and hotfix rhinestones.  I will also use black eyelets.


Pattern: Vogue V2237 (out of print now but can still be bought online) – I will alter the dress pattern for the skirt and create more fullness and a train at the bottom.

Fabric: Satin backed crepe- I’m using the reverse side of the fabric as I really wanted just crepe but couldn’t get any.



Pattern: Vogue V2237 and I will also draft the collar pattern.

Fabric: Satin backed dupion, lace sequin and faux fur- Same as the corset used on the reverse side for the body of the bolero. For the sleeves I will back the lace sequin fabric onto the satin backed dupion, doing this may create bulk so I might not line the sleeves. I will however use standard lining inside the body of the bolero. The collar is made with the faux fur possible backed or lined in the same fabric as the bolero.





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