NEW Costume Project- Pinup Wonder Woman

Another to add to my vintage twist collection using my Sweetheart rockabilly dress pattern, this time I am doing my own version of Wonder Woman.

Sketch of my next Wonder Woman costume

I am so excited to be making this costume for myself to model and start selling on my etsy shop. It’s such an eye catching iconic costume design, I think it’s going to make a great Halloween costume and it will definitely be worn at future comic cons and fancy dress birthday parties. Even taking away the wonder woman design this dress is just so lovely to wear, it’s sexy and playful and really emphasizes an hour glass figure, time to get the sewing machine and petticoats out!

Design development of the Wonder Woman costume
Samples for the Wonder Woman costume

Event- For sale on my Etsy shop

Deadline-October 2016

To be worn by- Me



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