Cosplay collaboration- Apocalypse


Photography by: Gallagher Photography

Cosplayer: CosplayClement (Link below)


I’m so happy to share a project I recently worked on with Cosplay Clement aka Neil Clement. I met Neil at a few conventions and he approached me asking if I would collaborate on a new cosplay he was working on for the character Apocalypse from Xmen Apocalypse.

This was my second en-devour into menswear, thankfully Neil wasn’t phased by my plan to draft the pattern for the costume on him, treating him as a human mannequin, as I don’t own a male form. A few hours and pin pricks later, we had a pattern to work from.

I had three fittings with Neil, the 1st to draft the pattern, a 2nd to test fit and alterations and the third was hand over day and I re-positioned the hook and bar for a perfect fit.

I’ve really enjoyed this project, my first time working with faux leather and something completely different than pretty dresses, I look forward to collaborating with Neil again in the future.

Thanks to Cosplay Clement for giving me permission to share. Find a link to his Facebook page below.




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