MCM Liverpool 2017-Wonder Woman Cosplay


Hello! I think after every convention or big sewing project I have a few weeks to recover before I feel I can face talking about it all again :/

So as you know I recently attended MCM Liverpool and had an absolutely cracking time. I met up with my trusty photographer sidekick Daniel Burgess Photography who got some great shots of my costume in action for me so please take a look.

If you where at Liverpool MCM go check out Dan’s page, you may have been photographed please tag yourself or those you know!

I was really surprised by how many children wanted to say hello and have photographs with me I felt like a Disney princess haha! There is a lovely video of me twirling around in front of Liverpool’s big wheel over on my Facebook page really shows off that circle skirt.

You may be thinking where is Captain America?! Well, I may have mentioned I was treating that as a bit of an experiment, trying a few new techniques. The idea behind that was to make it a strapless bodice which supports and looks great on big boobies. I am a 32G-H and haven’t been able to wear any bought strapless dress’s since my prom 10 years ago so it was a bit of a challenge but it’s something I feel is important to conquer not just for myself but so I can make great fitting clothes for all shapes and sizes! I guess the main thing is I kind of did it but it ended up being a little tight still across my bust and I had no time to fix the issue, I did put it on but I felt uncomfortable with that much squashed cleavage so unfortunately I didn’t wear it to MCM. BUT I will photograph it on the stand soonish with all my handmade accessories and I think i’m going to get some actual models in at some point too.

I’m going to save the special photoshoot I had and some of the amazing edits by Dan Burgess Photography for another blog post or two but I can’t wait to share them!





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